March 18, 2020
RE: COVID-19 Update 3
Vulcan County Regional Emergency Management Partners are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Alberta. Please note that all Vulcan County Fire Halls are closed to the public until further notice. Vulcan County, the Villages of Champion, Carmangay, Lomond, Milo, and Arrowwood Offices are also closed to the public, however business operations are continuing. While the Town of Vulcan office remains open, we are urging the public whom have questions to use the websites or a telephone as most questions could be answered this way. With increasing numbers of confirmed cases throughout Alberta, we want to stress the importance of following proper personal hygiene and cleaning processes. Please follow these guidelines and watch your municipal websites for further updates.
Note: According to the Public Health Agency of Canada and Alberta Health Services, individuals over the age of 60 have an increased risk of severe disease if they contract COVID-19. This factored with compromised immune systems and underlying medical conditions, this will put you at an increased risk of hospitalization. What were asking of those that fall into this category is the following, if you have loved ones or friends that could do your errands, and groceries please arrange for it. We understand that becoming sedentary may pose its own health issues, however as an alternative to attending a senior’s center for coffee, perhaps to stay active, an alternative could be to take a walk out doors with your friends while still maintaining acceptable distance from each other.
With the Schools and daycares being cancelled, it has left parents looking for alternative childcare. Children are believed to be more likely to be asymptomatic, thus never showing signs of illness while spreading it to others. These risks should be considered when utilizing extended family as child care.
To protect yourself and others:
• stay home and away from others if sick or in isolation
• wash hands often, using soap and water for at least twenty seconds
• cover coughs and sneezes
• avoid touching face with unwashed hands
• avoid travel outside Canada
• Self-Isolate for 14 days if returning from travel outside Canada or were exposed to COVID-19
Identifying and isolating people infected with COVID-19 is the only way to stop the spread.
The symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough or other cold or influenza-like symptoms. Use this online screening tool to determine whether you need to call 811 to get tested.
If you are awaiting COVID-19 test results, please do not call Health Link. You will be called directly. It can take up to four days.
Federal Measures
The Government of Canada has temporarily closed its borders. Excerpts from Prime Minister Trudeau’s speech further describe the closure;
“First, we will be denying entry to Canada to people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. This measure will carve out some designated exceptions including for aircrews, diplomats, and immediate family members of Canadian citizens and, at this time, U.S. citizens…. Second, air operators will be formally mandated to prevent all travellers who present symptoms of Covid-19 to board a plane. Air operators will be required to complete a basic health assessment of every air traveller based on guidance from the public health agency of Canada. This means that anyone who has symptoms will not be able to come to Canada…… Third, starting Wednesday, March 18, only four Canadian airports will be accepting international flights — Toronto Pearson, Montreal Trudeau, Vancouver International Airport and Calgary International Airport. At this time, domestic flights, as well as flights coming from the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Saint Pierre et Miquelon will not be affected. The travel restrictions announced today will not apply to commerce or trade. We will continue to ensure the supply of important goods to Canada.”
The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee will be suspending in-person visits with clients or service providers. Alternative arrangements will include phone, email, Skype, texting and videoconferencing. Contact information can be found at Office of the Public Guardian
Traffic Courts: Traffic Court Pandemic Scheduling Updated
Court of Appeal: Notice – COVID-19
The Mental Health Help Line is available 24/7 to provide advice and referrals to community supports near you.
• Call: 1-877-303-2642
For helpful advice on handling stressful situations and ways to talk to children. • Mental health and coping with COVID-19 (CDC) • Talking with children about COVID-19 (CDC) • Help in Tough Times (AHS)
Changes for employers and employees: Full and part-time employees can access 14 days of job-protected leave for the purpose of self-isolation related to COVID-19, retroactive to March 5th. The leave does not apply to self-employed individuals or contractors. The requirement to have worked for an employer for 90 days to access COVID-19 specific leave is no longer required. Employees self-isolating due to COVID-19 do not require a medical note to access leave.
All Albertans are still encouraged to visit for the latest information, guidance and resources.
Above information sourced from:
Nels Petersen
Regional Director of Emergency Management
Vulcan County Regional Emergency Management Partnership