On July 11, 2018 Council approved a citizen plebiscite to vote on the future of the wind turbine blade.  The plebiscite was subsequently held on August 22, 2018 and Council will adhere to the vote of 39 Yes and 8 No to move the blade to the location that the Ad Hoc Committee on the blade had indicated.  Plebiscites can only be held by a motion of Council and are not binding , although Council is abiding by the vote that was held.

After the announcement of the plebiscite, Council received a petition on July 13, 2018 asking for a plebiscite to be held.  The plebiscite had already been called by Council which is the only way the Municipal Government Act will allow for one.  The petition although sufficient in number of people signing asked for something that is only allowed thought a Council motion and had already been put in place.  As is required by the Municipal Government Act, Council was advised by letter regarding the sufficiency of the petition.  The letter can be read at:

Petition Sufficiency Letter