Below are the submitted biographies and platforms of the candidates that will be posted as they are received.  A mailout of the same information will be sent out the week of November 30, 2020.

Sue Dahl

Hi. My name is Sue Dahl. I moved into the Carmangay area in 1993 when Steve Dahl and I moved onto the family farm together. Though our marriage didn’t last, my love for Carmangay and its people did, so I relocated into the village with my two children. We rented for a short time before purchasing our home on Carman Street.

I have worked within the Village of Carmangay for the last twenty years. First at the Grange Hotel, for about 17 years, and then for 3 years as Administrative Assistant in the Village Office. I have been an active member of the Fire Department since 2002, am a director on the Ag Society and a director the Curling Club.

I have questioned this council’s actions since the day they were elected. Everything from money management, to transparency to accountability. For these reasons, I feel I need to step up to try and make a difference for the benefit of the community. That is why I am running for the vacant Village Council position.

Doug Fraser

Hello, my name is Doug Fraser and I am running for Village Councillor.  I have lived most of my life in Carmangay and I love the community I live in.  I have been married to same wonderful woman for forty three years and raised two sons who are married and blessed me with six grandchildren.

I have been a member of our Fire Department and sat on the Fire Association.  I presently sit on the Community Centre Board and I am a member of the Lions Club and of the Ag Society.

I would like to represent our community as a member of Council.  I know it is hard to please everyone but I will look at every situation and base my vote on the positives and negatives for the good of our community.

My youngest grandson made me a button and sent it to me that says Vote Papa, so I ask you to “Vote Papa”.

Maureen Travers

Hello, I am Maureen Travers, widow of the late Michael Travers.

My husband and I arrived in Edmonton from England in 1968, Michael had accepted a Junior professorship in the Department of Art and Design at the U of A.

I accepted a position on the Review Panel to update the MGA.  I studied Municipal Law and was appointed to the public affairs bureau – I prepared promotional material, designed Government souvenirs for the Premier to present on trips, and the winning float at a Klondike Days.

I studied for my certificates in Municipal administration from the U of A, moved south to Cowley to be their Administrator, I received the Ernest Newman Award, and became Strathmore’s administrator, then Town Manager.  Afterwards, I went to work for Revenue Canada.

I moved to Carmangay from Saskatchewan over 2 years ago with my husband Michael Travers, who did not know he had cancer, from which he passed away in August 2019.  I take this opportunity to thank the Carmangay fire department for looking after Michael, and all the residents of Carmangay who were so kind, and helpful in my bereavement.

When we drove into the village, we immediately felt at home – a Railway crossing, Lots of beautiful trees, a great mixture of houses, windmills – then wow!  A sunset that could outdo my stained-glass windows.

If I can be of assistance to other candidates, or you let me know!  This election – will be a run up to next year’s general election!  Thank you to the other candidates and thank you for reading this article.