Work Crews Begin Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Public Notice
Please be aware that crews will be working on Whitney Street from the intersection of Prairie Avenue east as well as Stephen Avenue between Whitney Street and Armstrong Street. The work is to upgrade and put in new water infrastructure as well as replace the sanitary infrastructure. The work will continue for the coming weeks and progress updates will be provided. This is the first of a number of phases to bring the water flow issue back to an acceptable level.

Water Infrastructure Work Begins

Public Notice
Much planning has been done to address the water volume and sanitary line issues in the Village. Now that spring is almost here, the multiyear work of upgrading the water infrastructure will begin. The first step will be to remove some of the trees that have been growing roots into the sanitary lines as well as a few that are a danger of limbs breaking and causing damage. At a future date the removed trees are intended to be replaced with species that will not cause issues with the infrastructure.
The work will begin the week of April 1, 2019. Please be aware of the crews that will be completing this work primarily on Whitney Street between Prairie Avenue and Stephen Avenue

2018 Survey Results

The 2018 Survey results are in!


Most citizens chose to live in Carmangay for the quiet, small town feeling. Residents enjoy the natural beauty of the Village. They value the connection with other residents as being friendly, but are concerned that this friendliness has started to disappear. They want this connection restored in the Village as well as how they interact with Council. Citizens want Council to be more approachable and value a conversation with Councilors over other means of communication.

Carmangay residents enjoy the charm and character of the Village that is reflected in well maintained properties. Citizens would like to see a more active bylaw enforcement to ensure that properties remain well maintained. They would like to see the infrastructure addressed and brought to a level that meets their needs now and in the future. Citizens are happy with services like garbage collection, recycling and the rescue services.

Residents value their library the most and recognize its contribution to the community. Youth are encouraged to connect in the community with a space that allows them to ‘hang out’ or engage in other ways. The library continues to connect people with each other including younger age groups to meet these needs.

Most of all Carmangay would like to see a revitalization of the commercial sector and local amenities like a convenience store which had the highest level of support in the entire survey. Other amenities like a gas station and restaurant were important as well and underlined the importance that survey respondents placed on increasing all commercial activity. Citizens were in favour of most development except Multi-Unit Residential and favoured most commercial and industrial followed by residential.

Thirty five of the 45 respondents would like to see Carmangay grow slowly to moderately and 7 to grow faster. Citizens see more business and industry as critical to Carmangay’s future sustainability with 34 in agreement and 5 opposed. All but 1 person would actively promote economic development and 34 would offer incentives versus 4 that would not. Citizens are willing to provide tax incentives and even reduced property prices to encourage economic development. Advertising and promotion are key parts of increasing economic development.

The document can be found at:


Notice of Public Hearing Oct 16, 2018

Council will be holding a public hearing on October 16, 2018 at the Regular Meeting of Council at 6:00pm.  This is an opportunity for those wishing to speak in favour or opposed to sections of the Draft Community Standards Bylaw.  The bylaw is available by clicking here or in the documents section of this website.

This draft bylaw is intended to merely replace old bylaws that deal with unsightly properties, traffic and noise issues and update a few sections.  Having all of these in one document will make it easier for people to access the information regarding bylaw issues.

It is important to also note that the process for bylaw enforcement is intended to begin with a conversation with the affected person or property owner.  Almost all of the bylaw complaints can and are handled with this first and rarely go past this.

Petition Response

On July 11, 2018 Council approved a citizen plebiscite to vote on the future of the wind turbine blade.  The plebiscite was subsequently held on August 22, 2018 and Council will adhere to the vote of 39 Yes and 8 No to move the blade to the location that the Ad Hoc Committee on the blade had indicated.  Plebiscites can only be held by a motion of Council and are not binding , although Council is abiding by the vote that was held.

After the announcement of the plebiscite, Council received a petition on July 13, 2018 asking for a plebiscite to be held.  The plebiscite had already been called by Council which is the only way the Municipal Government Act will allow for one.  The petition although sufficient in number of people signing asked for something that is only allowed thought a Council motion and had already been put in place.  As is required by the Municipal Government Act, Council was advised by letter regarding the sufficiency of the petition.  The letter can be read at:

Petition Sufficiency Letter


Carmangary Votes to Keep and Move the Blade

August 23, 2018

Thank you to the 47 citizens that cast a ballot regarding the Wind Turbine Blade.

The plebiscite question posed was:

Do you support the Wind Turbine Blade being moved to the Village owned property on Pacific Ave near the end of Elmore Street as per the recommendation of the Ad Hoc committee on the Blade?

The results were:

39  YES

8  NO

Council respects the results of the plebiscite and will work to complete a budget and plan to move the blade to the new location in a cost effective and safe manner.

World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 17th!!!

Join the Village of Carmangay in the World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  We’ll start early, 9-11 am at the Library with kids games and crafts. About 10:30 am, we start to muster in front of the Village office.  At precisely 11 am SHARP, the parade begins.  Don’t be late, or you’ll miss it!  It goes across the street to the Grange Hotel, where there is one free Irish Coffee, green beer and live music.  Irish Stew and games will be available at the Senior Citizen’s Center.  Hot dogs and burgers and a pop up market will take place at the Fire Hall.  Put on your green and come to Carmangay!  It promises to be a great day!!


Brochure designer help wanted

Do you have some skill with computers?  Artistic ability?  A little bit of imagination?  We might be looking for you…

The Village of Carmangay is interested in publishing a brochure which includes all the service clubs in the community.  We are in the process of collecting information from the clubs.  But we need a talented person to put it all together into one flashy, informative brochure.

If you think that you might be that person, please contact the Village Office at (403) 643-3595 or


Utility Rate increase in 2018

2018 brings with it an increase in the utility rates, as outlined in Bylaw #763.

Rates are as follows:


Winter (Nov 1-Apr 30) – 14.5 m3 or portion thereof/month – $51.77
Summer (May 1-Oct 31) – 29 m3 or portion thereof/month – $51.77
Overage charge – $1.95/m3

Sewer – monthly rate of $15.98

Garbage – monthly rate of $30.27

Total BIMONTHLY billing (assuming no overage) – $196.04

Official election results

Peggy Hovde – 48

Stacey Hovde – 63

JoAnne Juce – 71

Sheila Smidt – 48

In the event of a tie vote, both names are placed in a hat.  A draw is made and the name pulled is the one elected.  The name pulled from the hat was Peggy Hovde.